The Ultimate Unifier: Music

The Task

Luxy Hair’s 30 Day Self Care Challenge, Day 12: Do a one-minute spontaneous dance… RIGHT NOW!

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The Setting

It was a quiet day at work. Not too many customers. The perfect kind of day where there is plenty of time to catch up on all the background stuff that needs to be done. Straightening out the stock room, dusting the crevices instead of just the surfaces, wiping down the recycling bin. Not stressful, but always something to do.

The lack of customers led us to have the music on a little louder than usual. We were talking and making inappropriate jokes. Having a good time. Coworkers who get along with each other and share a sense of humor are the greatest. Yeah, we were working, but we were also having some fun.

So, when Aerosmith’s Dream On started coming out of the crappy speakers that we call a sound system, it was Time. I was sweeping, then, getting ready to head home for the day. I held the broom in my hand and started to mime guitar, picking those slow opening notes. When the words hit, I started singing and dancing. There was some mild headbanging.

Unbeknownst to me, during my little performance, a group of customers had come into the store. I can only guess that my co-workers were waiting for me to be embarrassed. Instead, one of the new customers started singing along with me. Then another. Soon, there was a small heard of people in a little country store, jamming to classic rock like it’s no tomorrow.

The Takeaway

Like the challenges revolving around random acts of kindness and texting someone to tell them how I feel about them, it was contradictory to plan a spontaneous act. The words are opposites!

Luckily, it wasn’t a conscious thought that took over when the song came on. It just happened. I felt it and jammed. People joined it.

Music has a way of doing that. Dream On came out in 1973, 45 years ago. It still comes on the radio, a staple of classic rock. Groups of people still hear it and sing along. This is not the only song that transcends time—there are hundreds that connect generations. And, while Dream On never reached #1 on the charts (it topped out at #59), it will remain timeless.

I will not turn this into a “womp womp music today sucks” discourse. Buuuuuut… if you ask someone in six months if they want to jam to In My Feelings by Drake (the #1 song for 3 weeks running), I doubt it’s gonna be a great time.

Question of the Day

Comment down below

Q: What’s a song that you have no option but to jam to when it comes on the radio?

A: TiK ToK by Kesha.


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