Why is Not All Pain Considered Equal?

The Task

Luxy Hair’s 30 Day Self Care Challenge, Day 7: Pamper yourself: take a long shower or bubble bath.

Read more about this journey by checking out my previous acts of self-love.

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The Problem

I have a bad back–have since I broke my ankle and it never healed properly. Today at work, while I was bending down to pick up a case of water, I tweaked it. I (somehow) stayed through the rest of my shift but the moment I got home, I flopped on the couch, flat on my back.

Luckily, my chiropractor had a crack in his schedule and my massage therapist was able to squeeze me in.

I don’t have a bathtub in my house, so that’s not an option, and the idea of standing for any period of time, let alone for the time it would take for a “long shower,” seems horrendous.

So, my act of self-care today will be to lay in bed and read the new book I bought a few weeks ago and haven’t had a chance to even open yet. The self-care part of this is that I will not feel guilty for doing it!

Thoughts on my Problem

One of the things I dislike more than anything is people who compare pain.

An older gentleman who came into the store today made a snippy comment on why I was moving so slowly. I told him that I have an injured back and I tweaked it. I apologized for moving slowly. He went into a rant about how people these days don’t know real pain. His back is sore all the time. Etc. Etc.

I was very kind about it, told him that there are all different kinds of pain. Some are achy, some are sharp. Some feel like there’s a person digging a needle into a nerve (cough cough). I told him I was sorry that he was in pain.

Why is it that people feel the need to hurt more than others? If I were to say I pulled a muscle, there’s always someone who will come back at me with, “Well I tore a muscle.” Okay. Solid. We’re both in pain. Why does it have to be a competition?

Instead of comparing our pain to others, let’s try to find comradery in our similar injuries. Instead of saying “Oh, I have that too and [insert attempt at oneupmanship],” say, “I feel you. I’m sorry you’re in pain. I have some suggestions on how to help.”

Pain is pain. Hurt is hurt.

Important Reminder

Try to drink 64oz of water per day my loves!

Question of the Day

Comment Down Below

Q: Did you like the Black Panther movie? The choices are yes and yes.

A: Yes.


3 thoughts on “Why is Not All Pain Considered Equal?

  1. Hi! So, I haven’t seen black panther yet, but want to!!!

    But, I, too, have a bad back. Have you ever tried any of the portable tens units? It’s like a machine thing that sticks to your back and it like…vibrates (?) kind of. I don’t know how to describe it, but it helps mine sometimes (but not always) so maybe so,etching to try? I got mine at Walmart I think, also, I’m sure you know this, but heating pads are my life saver with back pain!


    1. 1) I’m grabbing my bluray player and the disk and coming to you. IDK where you’re living right now but I’m FORCING YOU TO WATCH THIS GIFT OF CINEMA. Haha.
      2) I went to Walmart today and got a simple lumbar support brace that I can wear at work! I had it on while driving home and it really helped, not only with the pain but also with my posture (not to mention it made my tummy look less chubby).

      Liked by 1 person

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